Vibrational Healing

(see also Massage, Bodywork & Energy Therapies or Mind-Body Techniques: Meditation, Imagery & Movement)

Sound Therapies
Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils
Crystals and Healing Stones

The human body and all living organisms are vibrating constantly down to the tiniest particle in our bodies (physical and energetic). Every human being has a particular frequency that is affected by its physical, psychological and emotional health. Working with vibrational frequencies through sound, therapeutic grade essential oils, colors, stones and crystals and energy techniques directly effects health, healing and wellness for conditions from depression to cancer to the common cold.

Sound Therapies:
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Sound therapy provides vibrational frequencies to assist in healing and transformation – physical, emotional, mental and energetic. Sound therapies powerfully influence our nervous system, release muscle tension and encourage a relaxing state, bringing the body-mind from disharmony (stress, physical symptoms or fatigue, unclear thinking) into a harmonious state ( a sense of wellness, calm, pain reduction, and more physical energy).

Kitty utilizes sound therapy tools of tuning forks, Tibetan bowls, crystal singing bowls, drumming, and the most powerful instrument, the human voice.  A sound healing session can be provided alone or integrated with other therapies.

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils:

Kitty uses Young Living Essential Oils which are therapeutic grade made from plants, flowers and trees used for healing mind, body, emotion and spirit.  The human body has an electrical frequency which varies according to health. The higher the frequency, the healthier the individual. The various essential oils containing certain frequencies can destroy and prevent disease at a cellular level, relieve pain and assist in physical healing, and promote psychological and emotional health.

Essential oils can be used in every modality offered, and more intensively in Raindrop Therapy.

Crystals and Healing Stones:

Crystals and stones have been used since ancient times to promote healing. Kitty uses these with energy techniques to affect the chakras for charging and balancing the human energy biofield.  A healthy vibrant biofield or energy field and vibrant balanced chakras (energy centers) maximize health and wellness in the mind, body, spirit and emotional realms.   These tools are able to be incorporated into all modalities offered.

  • Accolades

    "With my intimate knowledge of healing modalities and my experience with healers of varied disciplines, I know that Kitty’s intuition, intelligence, compassion, skill and creativity provide a depth of skill that provides deep relief and profound healing."
    - Chris Curley, Licensed Accupunturist

    “'A Journey.' This best describes my sessions with Kitty. Unlike the majority of massage therapists who 'paint by numbers,' Kitty’s work is a fusion of healing techniques. Kitty has shown me how connected the whole body is. As a physician who has had regular traditional massage work, I finally stepped out of this paradigm to better understand my pain and limitations. Kitty works to identify the source(s) of the problem, and then develops a plan to bring the body back into harmony."
    - John S Hong, MD, MS

    "As a breast cancer survivor I experienced post operative physical pain and restriction . After my first session with Kitty, I knew that I was in the right place. Not only did my body feel better, but so did my spirit. I enjoyed movement without pain, a new sense of hope and a belief that my health could be restored."

    - Cheryl Riillo, M.S.,Shiatsu Therapist
    Evolutionary Reiki Master/Teacher

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