Massage, Bodywork & Energy Therapies

Includes Healing Energies Massage, Myofascial Release, Craniosacral Therapy, Deep Tissue Regional Massage, Massage for People with Cancer and Life Altering Illness, Mastectomy Massage and Massage for other Breast Surgeries, Raindrop Therapy, and Energy Healing.

Vibrational Healing

Working with vibrational frequencies through sound, therapeutic grade essential oils, colors, stones and crystals and energy techniques directly effects health, healing and wellness for conditions from depression to cancer to the common cold.

Mind-Body Techniques: Meditation, Imagery & Movement

These approaches help to reduce stress, relieve and manage pain, facilitate self healing, and release physical, mental and emotional patterns related to pain and illness.

All services are available in 1, 1 ½ and 2 hours sessions.

Energy healing kathy

Mary Ellen receiving MFR

  • Accolades

    "With my intimate knowledge of healing modalities and my experience with healers of varied disciplines, I know that Kitty’s intuition, intelligence, compassion, skill and creativity provide a depth of skill that provides deep relief and profound healing."
    - Chris Curley, Licensed Accupunturist

    “'A Journey.' This best describes my sessions with Kitty. Unlike the majority of massage therapists who 'paint by numbers,' Kitty’s work is a fusion of healing techniques. Kitty has shown me how connected the whole body is. As a physician who has had regular traditional massage work, I finally stepped out of this paradigm to better understand my pain and limitations. Kitty works to identify the source(s) of the problem, and then develops a plan to bring the body back into harmony."
    - John S Hong, MD, MS

    "As a breast cancer survivor I experienced post operative physical pain and restriction . After my first session with Kitty, I knew that I was in the right place. Not only did my body feel better, but so did my spirit. I enjoyed movement without pain, a new sense of hope and a belief that my health could be restored."

    - Cheryl Riillo, M.S.,Shiatsu Therapist
    Evolutionary Reiki Master/Teacher

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