Tips to increase Your Energy!

May 9, 2016

 I just saw this image and thought, ‘Who doesn’t want more energy????’


 Here’s a quick little self-acupressure fix for energizing yourself or a friend.
Acupressure for Energy

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Cut out processed foods.

Take a walk in nature.

Try Young Living En-R-Gee Essential Oil Blend

or Ningxia Red Nutrient Dense Juice…


Lots of roads to explore.
It really depends on what is causing your decreased energy, but there are plenty of ways to practice self-care and begin the journey!!
I am here to help!!

2 More Ways to use Energy Techniques for Headaches

February 23, 2016


Help Yourself to Feel Better!!

This is a continuation of an earlier article on using energy techniques for headaches and pain. I broke the article into 1 Technique on the previous writing and now will offer you Techniques 2 and 3 for more ways to feel better. As a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner, I have found these techniques effective for headache relief and can also be helpful to reduce the incidence of headaches in the future.


To review, these Healing Touch techniques can be tried by you to alleviate or reduce your own pain.

Holding your hand in the energy field around the head, you can often feel the energy of a headache. (Healing Touch practitioners often report feeling the pain spike of a migraine many feet away from the sufferer’s physical body.)

It may feel hot, spiky, dense, painful (to the healer’s hand), throbbing, tingly, or “electric.”  The energy is often concentrated, excessive, and “stuck.”  Getting it to balance and flow can be very helpful.

TECHNIQUE 1 in the last article was called Hands in Motion.

You can revisit that article:



Pain Drain is just like it sounds; drawing the pain from the area and letting it drain into the earth. This an excellent energy healing for headaches technique, adapted from a Healing Touch method.

  • Place your open left hand above the most intense area of pain. It can be a few inches away from the head or pain site.
  • Hold your right hand away from your body, arm and hand pointing down towards the earth. Imagine that you are drawing pain from the painful area, across the front of your body and down your right arm, releasing it out of your right hand and into the earth.
  • This can take a few minutes.. maybe 5 or more.
  • When you feel, or even imagine (It’s ok to imagine that it’s happening if you don’t feel it) the flow of energy slowing down, or when you feel relief, switch hands, place your right hand in the field above the headache, and your left hand reaching toward the sky.
  • Visualize pure white light channeling into your left hand, traveling to your right arm and hand, and filling the headache or painful body part area.


Simply hold your hand or hands over the painful area and also keep the intention in your mind for the pain to reduce or completely leave. Hold for several minutes and be aware as the pain changes.

Of course if you are having pain on a regular basis you want to explore what might be causing it and not just treating the symptoms.  It’s good to know though, that treating a problem in the energy field can be directly helping your issue by balancing and clearing the energy field.  There’s a lot more to it than that, but performing these energy techniques the way they are described are some natural First Aid and worth a try.

I would love to help you with your pain at Creative Wellness if you feel that you need some more direct intervention.

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Some great essential Oils to add into your self-care regimen:


EndoFlex Essential Oil Blend can help to promote hormonal balance in order to help to                                               avoid hormonal related headaches.


Copaiba helps to support the body’s natural response to injury or irritation.


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The above article was inspired by an article published by Nancy Hausauer Her site has some great info on auras, chakras and energy anatomy if you are interested in learning more. 

Happy Pain Relief,

Kitty Signature


3 Ways to use Energy Techniques for Headaches and Pain

February 15, 2016

Help Yourself to Feel Better!
As a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner I use Healing Touch Energy Therapy to help to alleviate headaches and other sources of pain, and you can too.  To start, just know that we have an energy field around our bodies.  It’s more complicated than that, but for our purposes, that’s all you need to know for now.
A headache may take the form of a pain spike coming from the head or congestion in the field around the head.    That area may fee dense, hot, spikey, throbbing or tingly to the healer, and if you feel around your head, off your body, you may feel something too.  Even if you can’t feel it you can use this technique.
This clearing technique in Healing Touch is called simply Hands In Motion.
  • Ask yourself what level your pain is before you start based on 0-10, 0 being no pain and 10 being horrible and severe pain.  Get your initial number and check in as you are using moving your hands through your energy field and watch the number go down.
  • Just take one or two hands and feel around your head, or go to the area where you feel the pain and work in that area.
  • Just simply (can use one hand or two), gently and slowly and smoothly move your hands in that area off your body, which is the energy field, like you are moving snow away from you. Moving the density, the congestion or the spike that is in your energy field that is a very real part of the headache or pain.
  •  You can start 12″ off of your body and as you work, slowly, moving closer and closer to the body, until you are touching your head and body part.  This could take from 5 minutes to longer, maybe 15 or 20 minutes.  Be patient.
  • I’m happy to show you if you need a visual. If you have a pain spike it could be much further out than 12″ and you will probably want some help with that.
To promote and enhance the comfort and soothing of tense muscles and joints 2 great essential oils blends to mention are:
Panaway         and            M-Grain  
Let me know if I can help you to explore or order these essential oils.
Stay tuned for a continuation of this article and next 2 energy Techniques to help your headaches and pain.
To learn more about Healing Touch Energy Therapy you can go to:

4 Steps to an Easy Daily Ritual

September 28, 2015


Is it just me, or do most people wish they could start their day in a calm, contemplative and gentle way to set the stage for their day? I have found that keeping it real simple helps me to actually do some form of daily meditative (and for me, spiritual) practice. Keeping it simple makes it possible.

Portrait of a young beautiful woman with eyes closed smiling in a sunny spring day

1. Choosing Your Place:

Find or create a quiet place in your home. No special room in your house for this? Well, there’s the living room or dining area before anyone else is up and around, or even the bathroom. Of course if the weather is conducive, outside is wonderful.

Light a small candle and have a chair available (any kind but not too squishy. You want to be able to sit erect with some support).

Use your favorite essential oils for peace and centeredness. (I like Frankincense or Idaho Balsam Fir.)

2. Move Your Body:

Do a few minutes of stretching.
Wiggle your body to loosen it up, then,
Stretch up toward the sky for a count of 10,
Gently bend forward toward the floor with knees slightly bent, hold for a count of 10.
Then standing again with soft knees go into twisting your waist and body in standing, letting your arms swing. Incorporate your breath.
Make this movement yours. It’s not a big specific thing. It’s you welcoming the day, getting your blood moving, getting some oxygen to your cells and waking up a little more.

3. Sit on your chair:

Sit with your back straight if possible, feet on the floor.
Close your eyes or leave them open slightly. Take a few deep belly breaths and let any images run through your mind. Wish any of the people well who you saw in the images.

After the initial rush of thoughts and images, begin to breathe quietly and just listen to any sounds around you. Know that any sounds are OK and return to the breath. You may feel emotions, attitudes, irritability rising up and just keep breathing, knowing that it’s all okay. You are listening to what is inside you. It’s authentic, it’s real and it’s moving.

Just keep breathing and notice the quiet little peaceful moments in between the activity and thoughts. Embrace your peaceful place, your sacred space, the soft light of the candle, and the lovely energy of morning.

4. Give Thanks:

Moving into the beautiful heart space of gratitude, identify 3 things that you are grateful for. If you have difficulty with naming gratitudes, you can start with your body, your eyes, your breath, and expand from there each day.

hand on heart

Ending this morning practice in gratitude opens the heart, opening you to Light and Grace and benefits not only you but all who you will encounter that day.

Need help to learn to meditate or to find movement that your body can accommodate? Let me help you.

Schedule at or call 609-463-0999.

Have a beautiful day!!!!

Oh, and if you would like to know more about essential oils and meditation let’s talk. You can also sign up for essential oil informational emails at:


Inspired by my favorite magazine, Spirituality & Health, Transform Your Morning by Geri Larkin. January/February 2013.Thanks for a great article Geri.

If Massage Isn’t Deep and Painful is it Doing Any Good?

July 14, 2015

If Massage Isn’t Deep and Painful is it Doing Any Good?

I am asked this question frequently by clients and it is a mission of mine to reeducate people about the myth of “no pain no gain”.  (OK.  I wrote mission but it really is a pet peeve).
First of all, it isn’t necessary to pummel someone in order to help to alleviate pain.
Secondly, positive touch or kindly touch has been established by science to be good for us.
Conscious, sensitive, focused, skilled, knowledgeable and yes, even deep massage or therapeutic bodywork can be performed consciously and in partnership with a client who is breathing, receptive and communicative so that it performed and experienced in a healing way.
Here’s what else is happening within seconds of receiving positive touch:

  1. The bloodstream gets flooded with oxytocin – the feel good hormone.
  2. The parasympathetic nervous system is activated resulting in the “Relaxation Response”

Just so you know, the Sympathetic Nervous system is associated with the Fight or Flight response.
And the Parasympathetic Nervous system is associated with the Relaxation Response.
Researchers at UCLA found in a study that “massage increases oxytocin (feel good) and reduces adrenocorticotropin hormone in humans (which is a precursor to the increased production and release of cortisol, a stress hormone.).
Oxytocin makes us feel calm and triggers the relaxation response which results in feeling a sense of calm but also contributes to better digestion, organ repair and a more activated immune system.

So there are lots of full body health enhancing, emotionally calming and mood stabilizing benefits to being touched in a caring way.

It is not unusual for people to come to my office looking for pain relief, stress reduction, a nonjudgmental listener, help with their grief, support through illness, and much more.

A healing touch and a calm environment can produce an orchestration of hormones and chemical that help to

address the above issues. It’s good medicine.

You can schedule an appointment at Creative Wellness on line at :

or call for an appointment at 609-463-0999

Make some good medicine today by giving and receiving a sweet hug!

Blessings to you and yours,

PS:  The essential oils of Idaho Blue Spruce and Idaho Balsam Fir are excellent to help support the endocrine. system and the nervous system.

Let me know if you would like to know more about these oils.

Happy Thanksgiving

December 2, 2014

Thanksgiving – A prayer expressing gratitude. A public acknowledgment or celebration of divine goodness and mercies.

– From Webster’s Dictionary.


I choose to express gratitude in word and prayer.

I choose and pray to see the divine goodness in others and myself.

I thank you for your beauty and light. I aspire to bring my beauty and light to you. I’m not always successful, but it is my intention and I feed my soul in order to do so.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving, being where ever you choose to be and doing whatever you choose to do in the spirit of Gratitude and Appreciation for what you have and who you are.

Remember the hungry, the lonely, the frightened and the sick and suffering. Eat, feed, laugh and enjoy your place in the world, exuding that energy to all of the corners of the world that need your brilliant energy.

With love and blessings,


Manage Garden Insects with Essential Oils

June 9, 2014

Did you know that Essential Oils are simple, organic options to use in the garden?

 I took an excerpt of an article that I came across (from my essential oil emails that I’ve been sending) and wanted you to know about this before you are becoming frustrated and tempted to use something less than natural to manage the insects.

For plants infested with insects, use one of the following essential oils. Fill a mist spray bottle with 4 oz. of water, add the essential oils and mist the infested plant. Use as little as possible. Several applications, a few days apart, may be necessary:

  • Spearmint: ants, aphids, caterpillars, black flea beetle, gnats, lice, moths, and plant lice.
  • Peppermint: ants, aphids, bean beetle, cabbage root fly, caterpillars, black flee beetle, flies, lice, moths, and plant lice.
  • Lemongrass: black flea beetle, fleas, mosquitoes, and ticks.
  • Tansy: black fly, carrot fly, fleas, flies, greenfly, mosquitoes, and white fly.
  • Hyssop: aphids, cabbage root fly, moths, and slugs.
  • Thyme: bean beetle, cabbage root fly, cutworm, and ticks.
  • Sage: cabbage root fly, cutworm, nematodes, ticks, and white fly.
  • Rosemary: cabbage root fly and carrot fly.
  • Patchouly: gnats, snails, weevils, and woolly aphids.
  • Pine: slugs, snails, and wooly aphids.
  • Sandalwood: weevils and wooly aphids.
  • Purification: will not only help keep the bugs away, but when applied to a bite or sting, will neutralize the venom. Apply a drop of Purification to wasp, bee, and yellow jacket stings and mosquito bites too.

Check your Essential Oils Reference Guide for additional ideas about using Young Living Essential Oils in your garden, and I’ll look forward to speaking with you soon.

(Don’t have one? I can hook you up. The guide is not purchased through the Young Living website).

Contact me with any questions at 609-408-1740 or or;  become a member or place an order at:

Have a wonderful day.



Kitty Holzmer, LMT, OTR, HTCP

Happy Thanksgiving 2013

December 5, 2013

Thanksgiving.  It’s a beautiful word.  The act of giving thanks.  A day reminding us that no matter what is going on in our lives that it’s important to take at least a few moments if not a day, and give thanks.

Where ever you are on Thanksgiving Day, are you able to accept it for being a day of thanks and of giving? We can get into the expectation and even experience hurt when a holiday doesn’t take the shape that we would like it to have.

Are you having expectations of Thanksgiving Day?

  • Of family showing up to share the day with you?
  • Of your kids or siblings making other choices than to be with their parents and family?
  • Of having the “right” kind of foods that are traditional to you, even though your sister-in-law who brought the carrots  didn’t make them the way you always had them when you were growing up (uh oh, that’s just an example. I don’t mean any of my fabulous sisters-in-law.  Really.)? 
  • Of being invited to a friend’s gathering that didn’t materialize?

I’m not suggesting you don’t feel the disappointment. Feel it.  Hold your heart. Breathe into it. Acknowledge it.  Share your pain with a friend and rely on your Spiritual Source for comfort.


And then what?

What are you thankful for? If you sat down now with pen and paper (or your tablet or laptop) what would be on your gratitude list? What are you blessed with, even though your heart may be heavy or the carrots are wrong? 

What can you offer someone else on Thanksgiving Day? How can you give thanks? How can you give? So many ways and you know some that would include serving food to the homeless, visiting nursing homes, etc.

What about this?

  •  Give whoever may be disappointing you the benefit of the doubt. Maybe not being with you in the traditional way was a tough decision for them.
  •  Welcome the food offerings exactly as they are and not as you wish they could be. Welcome them from your guests in your heart and with a genuine smile, not just a smile-like gesture when the casserole dish is being handed to you.
  • Be joyful and of a grateful spirit to anyone working on Thanksgiving Day. They are giving up their holiday (not always voluntarily) to serve you, to pump your gas, to work the convenience store, etc. Thank them for working on a holiday.
  •  Give thanks that your body is able to shop, prepare food, and clean up the messy mess while the guys are watching football.
  • Give thanks you are able to smell the food, that you are able to chew, swallow, digest, and that your bodily functions are working.  From having a sister who survived rectal cancer I know that this is no small thing.
  • Give thanks that your eyes can see those who you chose to be with on Thanksgiving, that you are able to laugh and listen to the same stories over and over again with your beautiful ears that hear.
  • Give thanks for the shelters and the food banks that are feeding people today.
  • Give thanks for the underpaid military service people and their families, many who are struggling, suffering or in danger.
  • Give thanks even if you are alone, that you probably have a choice about it even if it may hurt.

(I acknowledge that there are many who don’t have the physical faculties that I mention and I just want you to know that I don’t take it for granted.)

You get my drift.  I have myself felt some of disappointments and disgruntled feelings that I mentioned. I have had to remind myself to be grateful when my big baby head and heart start wishing things were different.

I am rich and blessed and thankful and wish to give you all my heartfelt wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving. I think I will watch my thoughts and my mouth (I should do this all of the time) to not complain about anything from now up through Thanksgiving Day.  To be extra mindful of thinking or stating that something isn’t good enough….that I wish something to be other than it is, and then to replace that thought or words with something I’m blessed with and grateful for.   Putting gratitude into action.

Let’s build that positive energy and have it emanate from us, creating an atmosphere of gratitude that grows and grows.

If you are receiving this email, please know I am thankful for knowing you.

Love and many blessings at Thanksgiving.


Happy Independence Day!

July 3, 2013

1752074 Statue of liberty


We are beyond blessed to be living in a country that allows us to speak our truth, choose our life partners, and although not all would agree, we in the USA live a free life. This is mostly appreciated when you travel abroad and experience some countries where our way of life and our government are an absolute dream. Thank you for all, both men and women, who imagined and created our way of life, and to all who fought, were injured or died to protect our way of life.

While pondering the word “independence” I pulled out my grungy red hardback Roget’s Thesaurus to see what synonyms were associated with the word. Here are some: freedom, liberty, unconstraint, self–sufficiency, self-dependence, self-reliance, self-subsistence, and self-support.

The word independence gives me the sense of being singularly independent in what I do, how I think, and what I produce. It makes me think of being alone, of doing things my way…of wanting things my way. It’s just a word, and the word gives me a feeling but as a woman acknowledging the gifts of the feminine, I happily realize that rarely am I truly alone, doing or creating in an independent closed container. I know I’m stretching what independence really means, but I’m having fun here going with my flow of thought, feelings and senses. I am so happy to know that I never bring only one little part of me to the table.

 I was inspired to write this piece by the 4th of July holiday and also while reading the last chapter of Birute Regine’s book Iron Butterflies entitled Leadership; Cultivating Feminine Presence.  As a woman I bring every aspect of me, my feminine presence, to whatever I do. I can work with a broad palette. I can express my ancestors through me. I don’t need to be a leader on my throne in a hierarchy but can create and facilitate as a group, and produce an amazing air of, energy bubble of, pulsating, vibrating power of our gifts, our charge, our fertility, our primal beautiful gifts that can make every individual, every home, every workplace, every government and the world a richer more collaborative place.

Happy 4th everybody. Go watch some fireworks and let’s be grateful for whatever we have in this land of ours. And let’s join with others to bring our thoughts and ideas together to make whatever we engage in richer, deeper and more beautiful.

Many Blessings

Unleash Your Creative Mind & Self Expression

November 7, 2012

Do you ever feel that you are living in a box, doing the same thing over and over (hamster wheel) and wishing your life could go through a shift…change gears?

Awakening your creativity can help you see, feel and sense beyond your perceived confined world.

We all have the ability to be creative. What we have to learn is how to unleash our creative, expressive self nestled somewhere deep inside ourselves.

Creative thinking involves conceiving of ideas beyond our normal scope. However, here are some simple suggestions that can help you to become more creative and explore other options for your life.

Connect with your heart before, during and after doing any of these simple suggestions so that you are coming from your heart, and being in your heart open and ready for newness.

• Use breathing techniques. You can practice staying in the present moment with each breath, and between each breath, feeling the sensations of each breath. This induces a relaxation response, helping to relax and prepare your mind to allow creative thoughts to flow more freely. There are lots of books, cds and downloads available on working with the breath.

• Practice visualizing your hopes and dreams. If you have trouble with visualization, then start out small with visualizing simple things. In visualization, allow your mind to wander. Let your thoughts take over and allow your logical brain to fade into the background. Do not try to control your thoughts, just let them flow and enjoy the ride.

Play with Your Brain
• Give your brain a workout by doing puzzles and exposing yourself to challenging new things. Puzzles are a great avenue to expose your brain to different ideas and different ways of thinking about things.
• Write with colors on unlined paper
• Write with your non-dominant hand.
• Express an idea with markers and a big piece of paper allowing you to think of it as another form of language.

Practice General Well-being
• Have a regular exercise (strengthening, cardio, yoga, etc.) schedule and change it up frequently so to not stay in one pattern of movement. Make each form a mind body experience with presence, breath, and a celebration of your spirit.
• Free form dance to music that moves your soul.
• Get enough sleep each night, which is not only good for your body, but also good for your thinking and your emotional life. It is also a great theatre for your dreams which are rich messages that may be helpful to you.
• Eat whole foods as often as you can, taking in the life force of the earth in as natural a state as possible.

As you start to incorporate some of these simple suggestions, notice that ideas are entering your awareness and you are viewing your world a little differently. You may see openings and options that you didn’t notice before. You may meet new people who are inspiring and lead you into a different and more stimulating social environment. It’s all good. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Have fun!

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