4 Steps to an Easy Daily Ritual

September 28, 2015


Is it just me, or do most people wish they could start their day in a calm, contemplative and gentle way to set the stage for their day? I have found that keeping it real simple helps me to actually do some form of daily meditative (and for me, spiritual) practice. Keeping it simple makes it possible.

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1. Choosing Your Place:

Find or create a quiet place in your home. No special room in your house for this? Well, there’s the living room or dining area before anyone else is up and around, or even the bathroom. Of course if the weather is conducive, outside is wonderful.

Light a small candle and have a chair available (any kind but not too squishy. You want to be able to sit erect with some support).

Use your favorite essential oils for peace and centeredness. (I like Frankincense or Idaho Balsam Fir.)

2. Move Your Body:

Do a few minutes of stretching.
Wiggle your body to loosen it up, then,
Stretch up toward the sky for a count of 10,
Gently bend forward toward the floor with knees slightly bent, hold for a count of 10.
Then standing again with soft knees go into twisting your waist and body in standing, letting your arms swing. Incorporate your breath.
Make this movement yours. It’s not a big specific thing. It’s you welcoming the day, getting your blood moving, getting some oxygen to your cells and waking up a little more.

3. Sit on your chair:

Sit with your back straight if possible, feet on the floor.
Close your eyes or leave them open slightly. Take a few deep belly breaths and let any images run through your mind. Wish any of the people well who you saw in the images.

After the initial rush of thoughts and images, begin to breathe quietly and just listen to any sounds around you. Know that any sounds are OK and return to the breath. You may feel emotions, attitudes, irritability rising up and just keep breathing, knowing that it’s all okay. You are listening to what is inside you. It’s authentic, it’s real and it’s moving.

Just keep breathing and notice the quiet little peaceful moments in between the activity and thoughts. Embrace your peaceful place, your sacred space, the soft light of the candle, and the lovely energy of morning.

4. Give Thanks:

Moving into the beautiful heart space of gratitude, identify 3 things that you are grateful for. If you have difficulty with naming gratitudes, you can start with your body, your eyes, your breath, and expand from there each day.

hand on heart

Ending this morning practice in gratitude opens the heart, opening you to Light and Grace and benefits not only you but all who you will encounter that day.

Need help to learn to meditate or to find movement that your body can accommodate? Let me help you.

Schedule at www.creative-wellness.net or call 609-463-0999.

Have a beautiful day!!!!

Oh, and if you would like to know more about essential oils and meditation let’s talk. You can also sign up for essential oil informational emails at:


Inspired by my favorite magazine, Spirituality & Health, Transform Your Morning by Geri Larkin. January/February 2013.Thanks for a great article Geri.

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