If Massage Isn’t Deep and Painful is it Doing Any Good?

July 14, 2015

If Massage Isn’t Deep and Painful is it Doing Any Good?

I am asked this question frequently by clients and it is a mission of mine to reeducate people about the myth of “no pain no gain”.  (OK.  I wrote mission but it really is a pet peeve).
First of all, it isn’t necessary to pummel someone in order to help to alleviate pain.
Secondly, positive touch or kindly touch has been established by science to be good for us.
Conscious, sensitive, focused, skilled, knowledgeable and yes, even deep massage or therapeutic bodywork can be performed consciously and in partnership with a client who is breathing, receptive and communicative so that it performed and experienced in a healing way.
Here’s what else is happening within seconds of receiving positive touch:

  1. The bloodstream gets flooded with oxytocin – the feel good hormone.
  2. The parasympathetic nervous system is activated resulting in the “Relaxation Response”

Just so you know, the Sympathetic Nervous system is associated with the Fight or Flight response.
And the Parasympathetic Nervous system is associated with the Relaxation Response.
Researchers at UCLA found in a study that “massage increases oxytocin (feel good) and reduces adrenocorticotropin hormone in humans (which is a precursor to the increased production and release of cortisol, a stress hormone.).
Oxytocin makes us feel calm and triggers the relaxation response which results in feeling a sense of calm but also contributes to better digestion, organ repair and a more activated immune system.

So there are lots of full body health enhancing, emotionally calming and mood stabilizing benefits to being touched in a caring way.

It is not unusual for people to come to my office looking for pain relief, stress reduction, a nonjudgmental listener, help with their grief, support through illness, and much more.

A healing touch and a calm environment can produce an orchestration of hormones and chemical that help to

address the above issues. It’s good medicine.

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Make some good medicine today by giving and receiving a sweet hug!

Blessings to you and yours,

PS:  The essential oils of Idaho Blue Spruce and Idaho Balsam Fir are excellent to help support the endocrine. system and the nervous system.

Let me know if you would like to know more about these oils.

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