Happy Thanksgiving 2013

December 5, 2013

Thanksgiving.  It’s a beautiful word.  The act of giving thanks.  A day reminding us that no matter what is going on in our lives that it’s important to take at least a few moments if not a day, and give thanks.

Where ever you are on Thanksgiving Day, are you able to accept it for being a day of thanks and of giving? We can get into the expectation and even experience hurt when a holiday doesn’t take the shape that we would like it to have.

Are you having expectations of Thanksgiving Day?

  • Of family showing up to share the day with you?
  • Of your kids or siblings making other choices than to be with their parents and family?
  • Of having the “right” kind of foods that are traditional to you, even though your sister-in-law who brought the carrots  didn’t make them the way you always had them when you were growing up (uh oh, that’s just an example. I don’t mean any of my fabulous sisters-in-law.  Really.)? 
  • Of being invited to a friend’s gathering that didn’t materialize?

I’m not suggesting you don’t feel the disappointment. Feel it.  Hold your heart. Breathe into it. Acknowledge it.  Share your pain with a friend and rely on your Spiritual Source for comfort.


And then what?

What are you thankful for? If you sat down now with pen and paper (or your tablet or laptop) what would be on your gratitude list? What are you blessed with, even though your heart may be heavy or the carrots are wrong? 

What can you offer someone else on Thanksgiving Day? How can you give thanks? How can you give? So many ways and you know some that would include serving food to the homeless, visiting nursing homes, etc.

What about this?

  •  Give whoever may be disappointing you the benefit of the doubt. Maybe not being with you in the traditional way was a tough decision for them.
  •  Welcome the food offerings exactly as they are and not as you wish they could be. Welcome them from your guests in your heart and with a genuine smile, not just a smile-like gesture when the casserole dish is being handed to you.
  • Be joyful and of a grateful spirit to anyone working on Thanksgiving Day. They are giving up their holiday (not always voluntarily) to serve you, to pump your gas, to work the convenience store, etc. Thank them for working on a holiday.
  •  Give thanks that your body is able to shop, prepare food, and clean up the messy mess while the guys are watching football.
  • Give thanks you are able to smell the food, that you are able to chew, swallow, digest, and that your bodily functions are working.  From having a sister who survived rectal cancer I know that this is no small thing.
  • Give thanks that your eyes can see those who you chose to be with on Thanksgiving, that you are able to laugh and listen to the same stories over and over again with your beautiful ears that hear.
  • Give thanks for the shelters and the food banks that are feeding people today.
  • Give thanks for the underpaid military service people and their families, many who are struggling, suffering or in danger.
  • Give thanks even if you are alone, that you probably have a choice about it even if it may hurt.

(I acknowledge that there are many who don’t have the physical faculties that I mention and I just want you to know that I don’t take it for granted.)

You get my drift.  I have myself felt some of disappointments and disgruntled feelings that I mentioned. I have had to remind myself to be grateful when my big baby head and heart start wishing things were different.

I am rich and blessed and thankful and wish to give you all my heartfelt wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving. I think I will watch my thoughts and my mouth (I should do this all of the time) to not complain about anything from now up through Thanksgiving Day.  To be extra mindful of thinking or stating that something isn’t good enough….that I wish something to be other than it is, and then to replace that thought or words with something I’m blessed with and grateful for.   Putting gratitude into action.

Let’s build that positive energy and have it emanate from us, creating an atmosphere of gratitude that grows and grows.

If you are receiving this email, please know I am thankful for knowing you.

Love and many blessings at Thanksgiving.


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