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November 7, 2012

Do you ever feel that you are living in a box, doing the same thing over and over (hamster wheel) and wishing your life could go through a shift…change gears?

Awakening your creativity can help you see, feel and sense beyond your perceived confined world.

We all have the ability to be creative. What we have to learn is how to unleash our creative, expressive self nestled somewhere deep inside ourselves.

Creative thinking involves conceiving of ideas beyond our normal scope. However, here are some simple suggestions that can help you to become more creative and explore other options for your life.

Connect with your heart before, during and after doing any of these simple suggestions so that you are coming from your heart, and being in your heart open and ready for newness.

• Use breathing techniques. You can practice staying in the present moment with each breath, and between each breath, feeling the sensations of each breath. This induces a relaxation response, helping to relax and prepare your mind to allow creative thoughts to flow more freely. There are lots of books, cds and downloads available on working with the breath.

• Practice visualizing your hopes and dreams. If you have trouble with visualization, then start out small with visualizing simple things. In visualization, allow your mind to wander. Let your thoughts take over and allow your logical brain to fade into the background. Do not try to control your thoughts, just let them flow and enjoy the ride.

Play with Your Brain
• Give your brain a workout by doing puzzles and exposing yourself to challenging new things. Puzzles are a great avenue to expose your brain to different ideas and different ways of thinking about things.
• Write with colors on unlined paper
• Write with your non-dominant hand.
• Express an idea with markers and a big piece of paper allowing you to think of it as another form of language.

Practice General Well-being
• Have a regular exercise (strengthening, cardio, yoga, etc.) schedule and change it up frequently so to not stay in one pattern of movement. Make each form a mind body experience with presence, breath, and a celebration of your spirit.
• Free form dance to music that moves your soul.
• Get enough sleep each night, which is not only good for your body, but also good for your thinking and your emotional life. It is also a great theatre for your dreams which are rich messages that may be helpful to you.
• Eat whole foods as often as you can, taking in the life force of the earth in as natural a state as possible.

As you start to incorporate some of these simple suggestions, notice that ideas are entering your awareness and you are viewing your world a little differently. You may see openings and options that you didn’t notice before. You may meet new people who are inspiring and lead you into a different and more stimulating social environment. It’s all good. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Have fun!

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