2 More Ways to use Energy Techniques for Headaches

February 23, 2016


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This is a continuation of an earlier article on using energy techniques for headaches and pain. I broke the article into 1 Technique on the previous writing and now will offer you Techniques 2 and 3 for more ways to feel better. As a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner, I have found these techniques effective for headache relief and can also be helpful to reduce the incidence of headaches in the future.


To review, these Healing Touch techniques can be tried by you to alleviate or reduce your own pain.

Holding your hand in the energy field around the head, you can often feel the energy of a headache. (Healing Touch practitioners often report feeling the pain spike of a migraine many feet away from the sufferer’s physical body.)

It may feel hot, spiky, dense, painful (to the healer’s hand), throbbing, tingly, or “electric.”  The energy is often concentrated, excessive, and “stuck.”  Getting it to balance and flow can be very helpful.

TECHNIQUE 1 in the last article was called Hands in Motion.

You can revisit that article:




Pain Drain is just like it sounds; drawing the pain from the area and letting it drain into the earth. This an excellent energy healing for headaches technique, adapted from a Healing Touch method.

  • Place your open left hand above the most intense area of pain. It can be a few inches away from the head or pain site.
  • Hold your right hand away from your body, arm and hand pointing down towards the earth. Imagine that you are drawing pain from the painful area, across the front of your body and down your right arm, releasing it out of your right hand and into the earth.
  • This can take a few minutes.. maybe 5 or more.
  • When you feel, or even imagine (It’s ok to imagine that it’s happening if you don’t feel it) the flow of energy slowing down, or when you feel relief, switch hands, place your right hand in the field above the headache, and your left hand reaching toward the sky.
  • Visualize pure white light channeling into your left hand, traveling to your right arm and hand, and filling the headache or painful body part area.


Simply hold your hand or hands over the painful area and also keep the intention in your mind for the pain to reduce or completely leave. Hold for several minutes and be aware as the pain changes.

Of course if you are having pain on a regular basis you want to explore what might be causing it and not just treating the symptoms.  It’s good to know though, that treating a problem in the energy field can be directly helping your issue by balancing and clearing the energy field.  There’s a lot more to it than that, but performing these energy techniques the way they are described are some natural First Aid and worth a try.

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The above article was inspired by an article published by Nancy Hausauer http://www.the-energy-healing-site.com/energy-healing-for-headaches.html#sthash.yQo0MsMa.dpuf Her site has some great info on auras, chakras and energy anatomy if you are interested in learning more. 

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